Wednesday, April 15, 2015
8:30 a.m. - Noon

Practical Magic – Realizing Ancillary Benefits from Mergers and Acquisitions

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Orange Blossom Ballroom

Whether it is a union of major industry players or a small, unheralded transaction, a merger or acquisition has potential advantages that are often delayed or never realized. Technologies Management, Inc. will bring together experts who will examine the practical “downstream” impacts of mergers and acquisitions, helping identify the hurdles that make it difficult to realize all the benefits and providing useful suggestions to move the process forward.
Connie Wightman
Technologies Management, Inc.
Panel 1:  
  Defining the Transaction
A company embarks on an acquisition process with specific goals in mind. But how do those goals shape the nature of the transaction? This panel of professionals with expertise in telecom mergers and acquisitions will explore how to qualify identified targets that meet the stated objectives and structure the transaction effectively. In addition, panelists will discuss how a company can position their organization to become a desirable qualified acquisition target.
  Carey Roesel
Vice President
Technologies Management, Inc.
Senior Managing Director
Senior Counsel, Regulatory
Managing Director
FTI Consulting
Panel 2:  
  The Regulatory Transaction
How do the transaction and integration plans impact regulatory strategy and due diligence (and vice versa)? Panelists will address how to develop a sound regulatory strategy that supports the goals of the transaction. These experts also will discuss how the transaction drives the state and federal regulatory approval process and determines regulatory obligations.
  Amy Gross
Regulatory Policy Consultant
Technologies Management, Inc.
former Vice President, Regulatory
Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory
  Sharon Thomas
Vice President
Technologies Management, Inc.
Director, Regulatory Compliance
Panel 3:  
  Post–Transaction Synergy 
Assuming the transaction meets the corporate “big picture” strategy, how can the parties to a merger or acquisition realize the full potential of life, post-transaction? Panelists will discuss the benefits of integrating networks, billing and operating systems, rates and tariffs, and the challenges of doing so. This group also will explore the costs of not integrating and why it is so important to complete the tasks.
  Debbie Gainor
Technologies Management, Inc
Chief Revenue Officer
Vice President-Corporate Development and Wholesale Services
Impact Telecom
  Sharon Warren
Technologies Management, Inc.