COMPTEL invites you to share your insights on the competitive communications industry by submitting a session proposal for the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2014 Convention & EXPO. In our Fall 2014 agenda, we hope to take a holistic view of the opportunities and challenges facing competitive communications service providers, with sessions that examine business strategies, innovative technologies and the impact that new and existing policies have on these key trends.

Please submit your session proposal(s) for the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2014 Convention & EXPO, scheduled for October 5-8 in Dallas.  The submission deadline is May 16, 2014.

Below you’ll find some general themes we are considering for our Fall agenda. We also welcome your input on other relevant, thought-provoking and timely topics, panel discussions and case studies that would be of interest to the communications industry. Thank you for your proposals.

  • Broadband
    • Wholesale Networks - Broadband Demand
    • Fiber Deployment Strategies and Challenges
    • Rural Broadband
    • Wireless Backhaul
    • Opportunities in Wi-Fi
    • Municipal Broadband Networks
  • Cloud
    • Competition and Pricing Structure
    • Data Center
    • Driving Growth in the Cloud
    • Cloud’s Impact on the Daily Life of Consumers and Businesses 
    • Network Strategies for Facilitating Growth of Cloud Services
    • Revenue Drivers for Cloud and Hosted Communications
    • Selling the Cloud: Strategies for Success
  • Emerging Markets
    • New Products and Services
    • New Market Segments and How to Serve Them
    • New Revenue Opportunities
    • Current trends
  • Ethernet
    • 100G and Beyond
    • Carrier Ethernet Applications
    • Ethernet Services and Equipment
    • Cost-Effective Methods for Delivering Higher Bandwidth
  • Management Strategies
    • Best Practices for Managing Customer Feedback and Retention
    • Policies Impacting the Business Environment
    • Defining Leadership
    • Recognizing and Enabling Successful Partnerships
  • Network
    • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
    • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
    • Infrastructure and Operations
    • Performance Technology Transitions and FCC Trials
    • Alternative Technologies to Extend Network Footprint
  • Over- the-Top (OTT)
    • Competitive Networks and Use of OTT Technologies/Content
    • Applications Impacting the Marketplace
    • Managing Network Capacity to Deal with Increasing Content Delivery Demands
    • Opportunities in the Video Marketplace
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Best Practices Sales Strategies
    • Innovative Strategies to Market Your Products to Customers
    • Using Social Media to Increase Sales
    • Tracking and Adapting to Customer Demands
  • Security
    • Preparing for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    • Latest Developments with Securing the Network
  • Telemedicine
    • Business Opportunities
    • Regulations and Certifications Required
  • Wireless
    • Heterogeneous Network (HetNet)
    • Small /Microcell Technology & Deployment
    • Spectrum: The Latest Developments

Submission Requirements*
For your session idea to be considered, you must include:

  • Proposed session title
  • Abstract of the proposed topic, and brief description of the timeliness and relevancy of the topic.
  • 150-word biography of the proposed speaker
  • Intended audience i.e C-Level, CTO Sales, CTO etc.
  • Names of other suggested speakers, if a panel discussion is proposed

COMPTEL PLUS will only accept session topic proposals submitted via its website.

* Please note that submitting a topic for consideration does not guarantee that you or anyone from your company will be included in the agenda. COMPTEL also reserves the right to modify the content and/or format of the session.

DEADLINE: May 16, 2014
Any submissions received after this date will not be considered for the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2014 Convention & EXPO.