Convert your CONTACTS into CONTRACTS with the COMPTEL PLUS Business PLANner.

Are you faced with increased sales quotas and a shrinking travel budget?

If so, the COMPTEL PLUS Business PLANner can help you unlock the potential for increased revenues and more business this year — without blowing the travel budget.

The COMPTEL PLUS Business PLANner is an interactive meeting planning application that is available to all registered attendees. By leveraging the COMPTEL PLUS Business PLANner, you can increase the return on your travel investment by scheduling multiple meetings with existing and prospective clients in a single location at COMPTEL PLUS.

To use the application:

  1. Log in to the Business PLANner and enter the username and password you created when you initially registered for COMPTEL PLUS.
  2. From this dashboard (at right), you can start using the Business PLANner. Under the "Your Messages" category you can see if anyone has sent you an invitation by clicking on "My Messages", send an invitation by clicking on "Create New Message" or schedule a meeting by clicking on "Create New Meeting." In the right column, you will see any pending invitations you have received, invitations you have sent and your schedule to review or print. We make it easy to connect without giving out your email or personal information to do it.
  3. You also can download the pre-registered attendee list, view your registration information and build a profile to share with potential dealmakers.

We would like to thank bandwidth for sponsoring the COMPTEL PLUS Business PLANner and Deal Center.