Monday, October 6, 2014
8:45 a.m. -
9:45 a.m. 
Grapevine C
General Session: Executive Roundtable
Join top industry executives as they share their insights into the dynamic communications marketplace. Hear what they have to say about impending mergers, the importance of interconnection and sensible last mile policies, and the key actions necessary to ensure the continued growth of competition.
  Chip Pickering
  Chris Ancell
XO Communications
  Stephen Bye
Chief Technology Officer
Jeff Gardner
President and CEO
Milo Medin
Vice President, Access Services
2:30 p.m. -
3:30 p.m. 
Grapevine C
General Session: Telecom Convergence and Megamergers
Communications industry megamergers are taking center stage in 2014. The proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV transactions have the potential to reshape the video programming and broadband landscape, as do other major deals. Reviews of the pending transactions are well underway at the FCC and Department of Justice, as the agencies explore possible harms and consider how best to address them. This session aims to explore key matters such as what is at stake for competition and consumers; how other pending FCC proceedings, such as the Open Internet docket, may impact the process; and on which issues the agencies are most likely to focus.
  Tom Cohen
Kelley Drye
 Speakers: Seth Bloom
President and Founder
Bloom Strategic Counsel 
Gene Kimmelman
President and CEO
Public Knowledge
  Craig Moffet
Senior Research Analyst
  Matthew Polka
President and CEO
American Cable Association (ACA) 
Robert Quinn
Senior Vice President, Federal Regulatory, and Chief Privacy Officer
3:45 p.m. -
4:45 p.m.
Grapevine C
General Session: Interconnection and the Over-the-Top Video Marketplace
As consumers increasingly view third-party, over-the-top (OTT) video services as complements to or even substitutes for traditional cable services, the amount of high-capacity video traffic on the Internet is skyrocketing.  As a result, disputes between Internet service providers (ISPs), transit providers and online video distributors (OVDs) are arising, particularly with regard to the terms of traffic exchange and interconnection arrangements that govern the handoff of Internet traffic to the ISP.  This session will examine how traffic exchange/interconnection agreements have traditionally governed the relationships between ISPs, transit providers, content delivery networks, and edge providers to ensure the seamless delivery of Internet traffic, and how agreements and relationships are changing in light of recent disputes and developments. Panelists also will discuss how the FCC’s proposed open Internet rules may – or may not – apply, what the most appropriate role for federal regulators is, and what the introduction of “commercially reasonable” paid prioritization on last-mile networks may mean for the relationship between ISPs and OVDs, and the future of video on the Internet. 
  Michele Farquhar
Hogan Lovells
  Robert Beury
Vice President & Chief Legal Officer
Cogent Communications
  Chris Drake
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President
Hank Hultquist
Vice President, Federal Regulatory
Vice President, Access Services

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
10:30 a.m. -
11:15 a.m.
Grapevine A
General Session: Wireless Backhaul

Wireless and wireline markets are inextricably linked given the growth in applications and services that require tremendous amounts of bandwidth. The advances in wireless, specifically 4G/ LTE, depend on the wireline network to handle the tremendous increase in data consumption that is predicted in the coming years. Cisco estimates that “[b]y 2017, almost 21 exabytes of mobile data traffic will be offloaded to the fixed network by means of Wi-Fi devices and femtocells each month. Hear from industry and network experts on how wireline and wireless companies can better leverage existing resources and networks, while anticipating new areas of growth, to foster greater business opportunities among competitive providers.
  Sean Buckley
Senior Editor
  Vice President, Product Marketing
Fairpoint Communications 
Jerry Cady
Director of Sales and Marketing
LSN (Formerly LS Networks)
  Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
PEG Bandwidth
3:30 p.m. -
4:30 p.m.
Grapevine A
General Session: Unlock the Value of the AT&T API Platform for Solution Providers
Sponsored by AT&T Foundry

The AT&T Partner Exchange has launched a new open API platform that enables solution providers to customize the quoting, ordering and billing experience for select AT&T services. This interactive session will discuss AT&T’s innovative reseller program, which enables solution providers to resell AT&T network, mobility and cloud solutions like never before.  AT&T also will discuss how its API platform enables direct access to proprietary AT&T systems, enabling greater visibility and control of the customer experience.   Join this session to learn more about this exciting program and how your company can benefit from the new API platform.

Ryan Stafford
Director Marketing Communications, Emerging Business Markets


Sara Straley
Director of Product Development, Emerging Business Markets